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Forage Seed

is one of main product catagory of Kohenoor Interantional.Cattle farming and live stocks are one of the major industry in the world. For healthy cow, buffaloes, goats and other livestock animals it needs to be feed them good quality of fodder. Forage seed products are the main focus of Kohenoor International.  We have plenty of “High-Quality Fodder Seeds”. Some of them are listed here!

-The Queen of Clover Forage-

Alfalfa Seeds

-Medicago Sativa-


Latin name is Lucerne, Luzerne and botanical name is Medicago Sativa. Alfalfa seed is mainly use to grow grass for animal feed, also known as Alfalfa Hay, Fodder, Forage, Grazing and also use Green chop a fresh grass of Alfalfa directly use without drying process. The same used by horses, beef cattle, sheep and dairy animals.



Plant Photo

Kohenoor International is working on Alfalfa Seeds Since 1957, providing high quality Alfalfa Seeds- This is one the Major Product for company. Our Alfalfa seed performance is very good, it gives high yield, able to grow in different soil conditions and helps to improve farmers economic status.
“Since Alfalfa Seed is our exclusive product we have an exclusive website for complete information.

-High Quality-

Persian Clover Seeds

-Trifolium Resupinatum-

Persian Clover (Trifolium Resupinatum) is also knowns as Shaftal. It is an annual pasture legume which is famous for its good cold and drought tolerance. It is one of the very special kind of forage plant which is famous for its self-regrowth of pasture. The regrowth is excellent and best for cutting, hay and direct grazing. It is semi-erect. Nutrition value of the leaves are excellent. Plant regrowth is very fast. Highly adaptable to all kind of lands from clayey soils to sandy loam. It can also use as cover crop which also fix nitrogen levels in land.


Kohenoor International’s variety of Persian clover has more than 90% germination ratio. Which gives several heaps, long stems and large leafs.The Preferable sowing time is Autumn and Spring.
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Berseem Clover Seeds

-Trifolium Alexandrinum-

Berseem Clover (Trifolium Alexandrinum) is an annual clover, which is commonly growing in a lot of countries worldwide. It is one of the most known clover. Trifolium Alexanrium is a winter crop its fodder is widelt used for cattle. Berseem clover’s forage grass has very rapid regrowth,  gives excellent cutting hay and good for direct grazing as well.


Kohenoor International is the producer, exporter and leadingsupplier for Clover Seeds. The quality of Kohenoor International’s Berseem forage is very high. Kohenoor’s Berseem clover variety require low water and give very strong biomass recovery just after mowed. Kohenoor International is highly involve in local and international trade of berseem clover seeds.
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Guar also known as cluster bean is a versatile legume crop and it has multi uses. The green plant itself use as fodder for cattle and it helps to improve the soil. Guar continues to grow as a fodder for animal feeding. Its importance as an industrial raw material was identified by the middle of the 20th century. Its seeds were in the first instance used for making gum. Botanically Guar is a legume native to Pakistan.  Guar is an important leguminous crop which is extremely drought resistant and can be grown in semi-arid regions.

Kohenoor International is one of the biggest supplier of Guar seed from Pakistan, Please check complete range of varieties at our exclusive website for Guar :

Sesbania Seeds

-Sesbania Gandiflora-

Sesbania is an Annual Legume. It is mainly grown in Pakistan, most in Sindh Province. Sesbania is a multipurpose and supportive crop it is wildly grown in Pakistan due to its economical values. Due to its high nitrogen fixing ability, It is one of the forage which can also be grown effectively at saline lands that is why It’s also known Super Saltine Grass as it improve the Quality of Land to make it ready to cultivate other crops after harvesting the Sesbania.

Sesbania seed is one the prime product of Kohenoor, we have a complete separate website for this Product. Please click below to visit for complete information: 

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