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crops are grown primarily for the oil contained in the seeds.  Oil contain ranges from about 20% to over 40% for sunflowers and Rapeseed Castor and linseed.  Oil seeds have very large demand all over the world; Kohenoor International are supplying its quality oil seed to farmers for sowing and producing high yield, also supplying oil seeds grains to millers for producing oils and bioenergy producers to produce environment friendly energy.


Sesame Seeds

Pakistan is the largest Producer of Sesame Seeds and Kohenoor International is the leading Supplier of Pakistan Origin Sesame Seeds , Offering Machine Clean High Quality Sesame Seeds to its Customers.

We offer Natural White Sesame Seeds, Natural Black Sesame Seeds and Mix Sesame Seeds

Linseeds / Flax Seeds

Kohenoor International is the renowned exporter of Linseed / flax seeds from Pakistan. Offering high quality machine clean flax seeds. Flax Seed largely growing in Pakistan, it is big source of fiber and Omega-3, flax seed use to produce oil and its oil has lot of health benefits, it oil use in food and Industries as well like Paints etc.

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Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds is largely grown in Pakistan and covering a very large food oil requirements of country. Kohenoor International offers Sunflower Seeds for Sowing, for oil and bird seeds.

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Rape Seeds / Mustard Seeds

Kohenoor International is the exporter of Rape Seeds/ Mustard Seed of Pakistani Produce.
Rapeseed ( Brassica napus) is a oil crop seeds , which is commonly use in Pakistan to cover country largest oil requirements, the oil use in food as it has lot of health benefit , the oil content is approx. 45% , its oil also use in bioenergy use

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castor seed kohenoor international

Castor Seeds

Kohenoor International is the largest exporter of Castor Seeds from Pakistan, Castor Seed Grow in Pakistan, the final use of Castor Seeds are to produce oil and its oil mainly use in food, medicines production, an important ingredient to produce skin care items & cosmetics production includes in Soap, lipsticks, shampoo, Perfumes, pharmaceuticals, it is also use in Bio-fuel or Bio-diesel Production.

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